- Mar 6, 2015
These survivalist fashion examples range from vigilante streetwear collections to air filtration accessories that are paired with an wardrobe of athletic gear. In the past few years, rebellious and sporty apparel has been adapted by luxury brands who were more known for being traditional rather than daring.

From Givenchy's youthful evolution to KTZ's fearless vision, established and rookie labels have both pushed style boundaries while celebrating a dark and edgy aesthetic. Gas mask accessories, camouflaged textiles and nomadic silhouettes are all examples of survivalist fashion that has ruled the runway recently.

Whether drawing inspiration from athletic, hiking or hunting gear or paying homage to alternative youth subcultures like ravers and Goths, survivalist fashion knows no bounds and will continue to push aesthetic limits.

From Air Filtration Couture to Masked Vigilante Streetwear: