Grace Kubilius' Recycled Material Clothing is Made to Break Down

'Junk Bones' is a series of experimental recycled material clothing by Grace Kubilius that gives new life to used materials.

Familiar textiles that may have once had very sentimental meanings are given unique new appearances and textures through the application of paint, rust, shellac and plastic to cover surfaces. With wear, the garments begin to chip, unravel and fall apart. Through this, Kubilius' clothes take on a temporal ghost-like quality, since they will eventually break down completely.

The collection is slightly apocalyptic-looking, since it is put together from pieces that look like they have been scavenged. One of the most striking garments in Kubilius' project is a very full ballgown-like dress that seems to have been made form groupings of crumpled paper in various shades of browns and sooty charcoal colors.