The DZR Minna Mist LTD Range is Inspired By the Signature Fog Of San Francisco

 - Jul 4, 2017
References: dzrshoes & sicklines
San Francisco's famously foggy weather makes it a truly ethereal backdrop for urban cycling expeditions, and the Golden City's overcast vibes have since been captured and immortalized on DZR's Minna Mist LDT range of cycling shoes.

These shoes are designed for the cyclist who doesn't require eyeball-jarring pops of bright colour to adorn their feet every time they hit the pedals. Available in a deep and soothing shade of velvety, moss green, the Minna Mist shoes feature a hugely tasteful texture that is equally pleasing to eye and touch, and stands up equally well on the road, in the coffee shop and at the bar.

Elegantly understated colour scheme aside, these shoes are of course first and foremost designed for comfortable cycling performance, which is why they feature a wider perimeter for increased comfort during long cycling trips. Like a high-end sedan, these cycling shoes look gracefully compact from the outside but are surprisingly roomy on the inside, with just the right degree of snugness.

The shoes' cozy yet capacious fit allows you to focus all your energies into pedaling, where you're handed a welcome boost by variable flex shank design, which uses carefully charted areas of extra stiffness that ensure that power generated from your glutes, hips and knees travels all the way to the surface of your pedal without any leakage of energy.

Not only do these shoes elevate the fundamentals of a modern, urban cycling sneaker, but they also feature a range of bonuses include a reflective heel badge for those nighttime jaunts, and full-train leather to ensure that you can elicit envy from your cycling buddies season after season.