The Flat Tire Defender for Bike Tires Eliminates the Occurrence of Flats

 - Feb 25, 2017
References: flattiredefender & coolthings
A flat tire will quickly put an end to your leisure ride or commute, so the Flat Tire Defender for bike tires is intended to offer riders an effective piece of equipment to ensure they don't have to deal with such an occurrence.

The Flat Tire Defender is co-designed with MTB champion Aaron Gwin and works by being slipped in over the rim of your bike's wheels in order to absorb impact during riding and prevent sharp or jagged objects from causing issues. This is thanks to the high-density foam rubber that's used to create the Flat Tire Defender, which requires no air and will thus never fall victim to becoming flat.

The Flat Tire Defender for bike tires can be implemented onto virtually any ride which will come as welcome news to any cycling enthusiast.