The 'Golf Pro' Ball Collector Senses and Collects Balls Efficiently

 - Feb 1, 2017
References: yankodesign
The 'Golf Pro' ball collector robot is an autonomous piece of equipment that can be utilized in order to keep the green clear of obstructions without having to have someone physically go out to do the job.

Designed by Ho-Hsiang Chang, the 'Golf Pro' robot works on a completely autonomous basis and incorporates an intricate sensor into the system that can effectively search out to collect. From here, the 'Golf Pro' robot will go to work charting the best course to the balls rather than simply driving around in an erratic way. The 'Golf Pro' is capable of going over just about any kind of terrain which makes it suitable for use on grass and sand alike.

The 'Golf Pro' ball collector robot can be utilized during the day or set to operate at night thanks to built-in headlights.