Casio's 'Lesson Pod' Robot Improves One's Grasp of the English Language

 - Feb 7, 2017
References: & japantrends
The 'Lesson Pod' is the name of a new robotic system from Casio that's a bit like having a private tutor.

The small robot is branded as a waterproof "lesson partner" that can be taken anywhere in the home—including the bath or shower—to help a non-English speaker practice their pronunciation and grammar, improve their vocabulary through games and challenge them to answer questions in English. Depending on one's handle on the English language, one may adjust the speaking settings on the Lesson Pod to speed up or slow down to make listening and understanding easier.

While the cost of the Lesson Pod companion is higher than one might pay for private English lessons or an electronic dictionary, the robot gives people the chance to constantly improve their English skills at home.