The Boston Dynamics Handle Robot Combines Legs and Wheels

 - Feb 1, 2017
References: bostondynamics & theverge
Boston Dynamics has made itself known to the general public thanks to some fantastical robot prototypes, and the Boston Dynamics Handle is yet another unbelievable machine from the robotics company. Though many of Boston Dynamics' robots incorporate two- or four-legged bodies, the Boston Dynamics Handle robot is the first to use wheels.

Handle is unique in the field of robotics in that its mobility combines both wheels and legs. The bot's legs have reverse-articulated knees, like many mammals' hind legs, but its feet are replaced with two small wheels. Wheels are far more energy efficient for straight stretches and abrupt turns — their only downside is that they eliminate the possibility of lateral movement.

Handle's legs aren't just for show, either. Thanks to its knees, it's able to jump while stationary or in motion.