Sony's 'toio' Lets Kids Build and Play with Robotics

The Sony 'toio' is a game console that aims to teach children about coding through coincidental discovery.

Motion-controlled rings command tiny robotic cubes to move and interact. The cubes can sense the position of one another so they can move together with precision. The concept movie shows the cubes attached with a piece of paper, moving like an inch worm to display their ability to interact and coordinate. The endless possibilities for this system make the Sony toio the ultimate creativity tool. Expansion packs provide paper cut-out templates, a special mat for the robots to play on, and an AI cartridge that programs the robots to behave in specific ways. This is how users are able to create robo-craft battles and play mini robo-baseball.

Teaching children more about coding and robotics, the Sony toio allows users to learn in a more intuitive way that is still fun.