'Déguster l’augmenté' by Erika Marthins Includes a Chocolate Record

 - Dec 1, 2017
References: erikamarthins & fastcodesign
This graduate project by Erika Marthins demonstrates how interactive food can be. The Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL) Interaction Design student worked on 'Déguster l’augmenté' in order to "explore the potential of integrating data and storytelling into food."

This exploration resulted in a series of pieces such as a chocolate record that allows you to hear what you taste, a lollipop that unveils a hidden message when a light shines through it and a gelatinous dessert capable of movement. Marthins collaborated with chefs to create the playable chocolate record, which lets you experience the senses of taste as well as sound. With the moving jelly dessert, she borrowed from the subfield of soft robotics.

This project shows interactive food need not be limited to the dining experience.