The Black Series Poe Dameron Helmet is a Piece of Star Wars Merchandise

 - Feb 17, 2017
References: io9.gizmodo
The new Black Series Poe Dameron helmet is the latest piece of merchandise to join the pack of Star Wars toys already on the market. With the new run of Star Wars films having lit up screens and hearts around the world, the franchise has been capitalizing with officially licensed gear, and this authentic-looking kids' helmet is sure to capture imaginations even more.

Like many of the recently released pieces of Star Wars paraphernalia, the Black Series Poe Dameron helmet is replete with extra technological quirks. It's embedded with a surround sound speaker that is programmed to play X-Wing and Tie Fighter sounds, and its earpiece can play transmissions from BB-8, the new series' droid sidekick.

The helmet is listed for kids aged 8 and up.