From Digitized Stacking Games to Virtual Fidget Spinners

 - Jul 12, 2017
These connected toy innovations range from digitized stacking games to connected fidget spinners. The advent of virtual reality has allowed for more advanced technologies to be developed, which in turn allows toy makers to develop products with virtual components.

Integrating readily available technology into tried and tested play formats is the natural trajectory of social advancement. This can be seen with Nerf's dart-deploying drones. By placing a camera into the dart projector and adding a remote controller, kids can feel as though they are exploring Mars while looking for aliens. It is a simple technology, but one with big impact when modified for a toy.

As ideas are adapted and translated, more and more people become exposed to an idea and become inspired to take it further. Epson's virtual drone playground is a great example of this. When the Epson Moverio AR glasses were released, there was little function attached to them until the technology was combined with EdgyBees virtual games. As a child, being able to experience something virtually (especially when it can be experienced with others) can encourage imagination and playfulness. These VR toy innovations illustrate, that by combining imagination and virtual reality, learning and play opportunities can be limitless.