The 'AlgiKnit' Shoes are Made from Renewing Biopolymers

 - Dec 7, 2017
References: algiknit & aaronnesser
The fashion industry is notorious for being somewhat wasteful and unnatural when it comes to goods, so the 'AlgiKnit' sneakers have been created as a footwear design that is achieved with natural materials.

The sneakers are crafted from biopolymers that are rapidly renewing to ensure the footwear is made from a material that is both abundant and constantly replenished naturally. This also does away with materials that would otherwise take thousands of years to break down to prevent our world from filling up further with our fashion waste.

The 'AlgiKnit' sneakers are the design work of Aaron Nesser in collaboration with the brand and acknowledge the ways that fashion brands will need to respond to the growing demand for sustainable products as time goes forward.