This Cleaning Broom Was Made for Multi-Tasking and Selfie-Taking

 - Jun 23, 2016
References: kickstarter & yankodesign
Ranjiv Sirpal designed the 'SeflieBroom,' a product that is just what the name describes -- a cleaning broom that consumers can take pictures of themselves with. Though most people generally don't have on their best looks when they take to cleaning their houses, the SelfieBroom is ready to capture the moments that they might want to share with the world.

When selfie sticks first hit the market a few years ago, the idea seemed both insane and undeniably narcissistic -- however the device has grown immensely and has become a handy tool for Millennial and Generation Z consumers. As these generations are now starting to have their own places, creating a cleaning broom that has a novelty appeal for them could make the product a hit. In addition, the broom is free-standing and can hold mobile devices like a tripod, making it useful for a variety of needs.