The Mother Load Vitamins by Goop Wellness are Designed for New Moms

 - Jun 7, 2017
References: shop.goop
In an effort to help new moms regain their energy following pregnancy and child birth, actress-turned-health-guru Gwyneth Paltrow is selling a new multivitamin pack dubbed 'The Mother Load.' Created as part of the 'Goop Wellness' line, the vitamins are specially created "with extra support for getting new, and not so new moms back on their feet."

'The Mother Load' is the name of a vitamin pack that is specially designed for mothers. While the vitamins can be taken prior to conception and throughout pregnancy, they are primarily designed to help postnatal women counteract the taxing and physically draining effects of pregnancy and child birth by replenishing key nutritional building blocks. As a result, the multivitamins are packed with calcium magnesium, choline, omega 3s and other key nutrients.

Available in 1-month or 3-month supplies, the vitamins are ideal for new moms looking trying to regain their energy following the birth of their child.