From Potted Herbal Deodorants to Pregnancy-Safe Skincare

 - Aug 27, 2016
Deodorants, bronzers and face masks are nothing new on the market, but the top August 2016 personal care products explore new forms of these products. Renewed interest in these items are being created by altering the formulas to make them better suited for use by a particular consumer group. For instance, Etsy user 'penberthyhomeandbody' makes dry shampoo tubs that are made specifically for blondes, brunettes and redheads.

It's also becoming more common to see multipurpose products that will help consumers simplify their personal care routines. Body oils, cosmetics and skincare treatments are now being branded as all-in-one products that have the ability to hydrate, exfoliate and cleanse as part of a simplified one-step personal care regimen.