The 'La Vie Kogao' Inflatable Mask Naturally Raises the Contours of the Face

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: japantrendshop
There are many non-invasive alternatives to boosting the appearance and the 'La Vie Kaogao Face Lift Belt' is one that utilizes the benefits of an inflatable mask to naturally lift the contours of the face. The mask is designed to wrap around the circumference of the face and provide a tightly fitted suction that tightens and keeps the skin lifted.

The mask is constructed out of soft plastic that can be blown up like a beach ball with air and wrapped around the head and jaw. The larger parts of the mask sit along the chin to tighten and raise the skin.

The mask is designed to be worn for several minutes a day to reduce the look of wrinkles and provide a more youthful appearance.