1Above's Bark Beverage Hydrates and Eliminates Swollen Limbs

 - Jun 2, 2017
References: instagram & fly1above
1Above's bark extract beverage is an effective jet lag cure that eliminates common in-flight symptoms like swollen limbs and dehydration. The hydrating drink boasts a subtle flavor profile, and is proven to help boost one's immune system after use.

While traveling at high altitudes, airline passengers are more susceptible to a sore throat, and congested sinuses which are a result of the dry air that surrounds them. 1Above's signature product works to curb these symptoms, leaving travelers refreshed when they arrive at their destination.

This beverage features bark root extract Pycnogenol as its key ingredient -- proven to reduce jet lag symptoms by over 50% -- along with 6 essential electrolytes. In addition to drinkable versions, this product is also sold in the form of convenient tablets.