The 'Aquarius' Light Beautifully Fuses Art and Science

 - Nov 13, 2017
References: kickstarter
Aquarius, the Water-Manipulating Fountain Lamp, can create the illusion of water freezing in midair, rising upwards, splitting off into multiple streams, changing colors and many more. By using a series of strobing LEDs shining against a vibrating stream of water, Aquarius can tap into the scientific principle of Persistence of Vision. What the user sees are snapshots of the water stream at various times, which when pieced together, give these impossible animation effects.

Some of the more advanced patterns for Aquarius include simulating the Northern Lights, Volcanic Lightning, Tropical Flair, Unicorn colors, and Chaos Theory (a seemingly random display of patterns).

In addition, Aquarius was built to be fully programmable by the more adventurous users. It was created with the Arduino development environment so that users can plug it into their PC with a USB cable and program their own patterns.

Aquarius is currently campaigning on Kickstarter. It is looking to raise $22, 000 CAD in order to fund manufacturing and is already at $13,500 as of this post and only two days into its campaign. Once the campaign ends, and if it succeeds, the delivery of Aquarius is scheduled to start in April 2018.