Elon Musk has Revealed an Image of SpaceX's Spacesuit Design

 - Aug 23, 2017
References: instagram & techcrunch
For a budding commercial spaceflight company, spacesuit design is a crucial matter. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, has revealed the first image of his company's spacesuit, and it shows the degree of thought that SpaceX has put into the essential piece of equipment.

The single image, which Musk posted on Instagram, shows a man sitting in what one presumes is a SpaceX cabin, strapped into a seat. He's shown from the waist up, revealing the the spacesuit design for the torso, arms, and helmet. The trim suit looks far less bulky than the famous suits from the Apollo missions of the sixties and seventies, showing the importance of balancing aesthetic and function for commercial space travel.

Musk notes in his post that the image is not a mockup; the model is wearing a fully functional suit that has been tested to double vacuum pressure.