- Oct 28, 2017
From connected exercise bands to drink-analyzing tumblers, the October 2017 tech trends reveal that consumers are increasingly turning to technology to meet their health and wellness goals. This includes everything from upping their fitness levels, to simply ensuring they eat a healthier diet.

When it comes to fitness, consumers are no longer satisfied with a treadmill or a set of weights. Indeed, there is now a major demand for connected fitness products that helps consumers track their progress as they move through their fitness journey. One example of a connected exercise tool is the Circuband iQ resistance exercise bands, which rely on sensors connected to the user's muscles to track ongoing progress.

Beyond workout aids, technology is also helping consumers meet their nutritional goals. One great example of this kind of wellness-focused technology is the Prismcups, which tracks a user's intake of any liquid -- a concept that is highly useful for those trying to up their water intake.

From Connected Exercise Bands to Drink-Analyzing Tumblers: