The 'X-Bows' Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard Enables Faster Typing

 - Sep 14, 2017
References: kickstarter
The expanding technology sector has many consumers typing on a computer for extended periods each day, which has created the need for products like the 'X-Bows' ergonomic mechanical keyboard. Featuring a natural key layout, the 'X-Bows' keyboard is intended to decrease the need for lateral hand movements and relieve the stress that can be placed on your joints. This enables users to increase their typing speed, while also being able to type for longer periods without the strain that's associated with traditional keyboard usage.

The 'X-Bows' ergonomic mechanical keyboard acknowledges consumer demand for healthier technology products that don't require them to slow down their output or efficiency. This makes it possible to keep up with the average workday that is only showing signs of lengthening.