The 'MasSpec Pen' Detects Cancerous Tissues Through Touch

 - Sep 8, 2017
References: statnews & newatlas
Even medical professionals struggle to decipher cancer cells from healthy cells, which is why researchers at UT Austin have developed a cancer-detecting pen, called the 'MasSpec Pen,' which can identify cancerous cells during surgery, increasing the success of the procedure.

The pen hopes to ensure surgeons remove every last cancer cell from the patient's body, as sometimes, dangerous cells can be left behind, or too many healthy cells can be accidentally removed. This new device claims to be much quicker and more effective than common approaches to cancer-detection, lowering a risk of infection and the necessity to endure a second operation.

To use the pen, doctors simply hold the device against a patient's body while a computer screen visualizes the results, stating whether a cell is healthy or not.