From Charitable Tea Companies to Collectible Advocacy Cards

 - Oct 28, 2017
These October 2017 social good ideas cover a range of initiatives that aim to promote politically based messages, support those in need, prevent prejudice, and more.

In an effort to raise money for the RFSU, the Swedish association for sexuality education, fashion label ELISE launched a line of apparel that promotes body rights. The line is available online, as well as through Collette Paris, and aims to bring more awareness to issues surrounding sexual assault and harassment, violence against LGBTQ people, and the repression of reproductive rights. With this, the statement graphic apparel spreads a positive message while all the proceeds gained from each purchase go towards the RFSU’s work in support of body rights.

Also featured are the anti-poaching sensors from The Zoological Society of London and Digital Catapult. Together, the two created a satellite system that monitors endangered wildlife and sends alerts when poachers are detected nearby them so that they can be stopped.