The Gates Foundation is Digitizing Health Information

 - Sep 12, 2017
References: & geekwire
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has teamed up with the global health nonprofit PATH to digitize the healthcare system in Tanzania, and therefore improve the dissemination of information for those who work in this industry.

Called the Data Use Partnership, the initiative will involve "linking a fragmented array of databases and information sources" in order to improve "efficiency, accountability and cost savings" for the Tanzanian people and those who work in healthcare in the country. The Data Use Partnership will allow healthcare workers to "share crucial data in real time," which would "better target the dispersal of limited medicines where they're most needed, provide coordinated care for people with HIV/AIDS, and ensure that children are vaccinated in a timely manner."

This Gates Foundation and Path partnership could prove to be crucial in helping to organize Tanzanian healthcare practices in some important areas, and has the potential to be rolled out in other countries if proven successful.