These Traffic Lights Can Be 'Hacked' by the Elderly

 - Jul 18, 2017
References: dynniq & psfk
A dutch company is helping to make streets a little safer with the introduction of an intelligent traffic light system that lets people with mobility issues "hack" traffic lights to receive extra walking time.

For people with limited mobility, crossing the street can be a stressful and elongated experience -- oftentimes pedestrians find themselves in the middle of the road as their walk signal turns red. The restricted time puts these people in a dangerous situation, while also interrupting the flow of traffic. A Dutch company called 'Dynniq' is developing a solution to this issue with an app that works in collaboration with GPS devices to ensure selected people receive extra time to cross the street.

Pedestrians with mobility issues will be the only people with access to this app. When the intelligent traffic light senses an app-carrier is near, it will automatically allocate extra street crossing time.