Hong Kong's Police Force Uses 3D Printing to Replicate Crime Scenes

 - Mar 1, 2017
References: 3ders.org
3D printing is advantageous for quickly producing prototypes and initial mock-ups in the realm of architecture and interior design, and the Hong Kong police are creating similar structures for the purposes of recreating highly accurate crime scene models.

These built-to-scale 3D-printed crime scene replicas are being used for investigations, trials and in court to help officials understand how crimes were committed and how they can be brought to justice.

Constructing a model by hand could used to take up to a week, but with 3D printing, this task is greatly accelerated. Hong Kong's police department recently purchased 3D printers specifically for this purpose. The use of these 3D-printed crime scene models is just one of the many ways that additive manufacturing is helping to create more time for professionals to dedicate their time and expertise to other work.