King's College London Researches Discovered How to Regrow Teeth

 - Jan 11, 2017
References: nature & refinery29
A drug being used to treat Alzheimers has now also been shown to be able to regrow teeth. The findings of Professor Paul Sharpe regarding tideglusib were recently published in Nature. His research says the drug can support the natural repair process of a tooth. This could mean dental fillings as we know them could be supplanted by this discovery.

The drug restores vitality to the tooth, suggesting cement fillings will no longer be required to fix cavities. Tideglusib activates the stem cells at the center of the tooth and restricting the GSK-3 enzyme, giving teeth the ability to regenerate themselves at the enamel level. Sharpe suggests replacing traditional fillings with a tideglusib-soaked sponge to regrow teeth instead. Drilling will still be required, however.