From Presidential Candidate Dolls to Magnetic Origami Globes

 - Nov 26, 2016
Bioluminescent water guns, digital hatching egg toys and brooms with microphone handles are among a few of the most popular November 2016 toys for kids, many of which will be of interest to parents who are now on the hunt for Christmas toys for kids.

In recent months, dolls have made a significant comeback on the toy market, which can be seen with new additions like Lady Gaga's Zomby Gaga character for Mattel, Boy Story's 18-inch boy Action Dolls and Hashtag Collectibles' Texts from Hillary,' which is modeled on the presidential candidate.

Within these toy examples, some of the best new educational toys for kids include the Gomo Doll, which imparts knowledge on the systems of the body, as well as the Plobot, which serves as a screen-free toy that teaches children to code.