These 3D-Printed Models Use Ball Bearings For Balance

 - Oct 7, 2016
References: disneyresearch & newatlas
Disney Research has created a quirky but technically impressive range of 3D-printed models and figurines in order to go about showcasing a new and unique technology that makes use of embedded ball bearings to enable the figurines to maintain their balance.

These 3D-printed models make use of special metal balls that are modeled while the design process is still in the software phase. The balls are placed inside carefully sized cavities, so that as they roll around, they change the center of gravity of the figurine. Users can enjoy the ability to program the kind of balancing act that they'd like their figurine to pull off, and this is then carried through right to the printing process.

In addition to looking impressive, these 3D-printed models are showcasing technology that could be useful for industrial 3D-printing applications.