NEMO Makes Waiting in a Hospital or Dentist's Office Interactive

 - Nov 21, 2016
NEMO is a waiting room app concept that transforms a mundane and boring activity into something that is fun and interactive. The gamified platform was conceived by Martin Schurdak, a designer based in Slovakia, and lets users reserve a spot at their doctor's office prior to arriving -- the platform is ideal for those seeking to make a last minute appointment or walk-in patients. Once at their local doctor's office or dentist's clinic, users are able to access their virtual call number while seeing how many people are ahead of them in line and how long their wait will approximately take.

Featuring a simple and easy-to-read interface, NEMO is a waiting room app that makes a seemingly unexciting and routine task more interactive for those seeing a healthcare professional. Additionally, the app keeps users informed, eliminating the confusion and lack of information that often go hand in hand with traditional waiting room experiences.