This Navigation Device is Worn Like a Bracelet or Necklace

 - Aug 3, 2017
References: emilios & dezeen
These accessorized navigation wearables are offering partially sighted people greater independence by providing them with a reliable way to navigate point A to point B.

For some people with visual impairments, navigation can be a stressful, time-consuming and a potentially unsafe process, especially after dark, or in unfamiliar surroundings. Brunel University graduate Emilios Farrington-Arnas aimed to provide people with a safer travel accessory that was both unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. 'Maptic' is a pastel-clad device that can be worn like a bracelet or necklace. The smart accessory provides haptic feedback to the wearer, vibrating to inform them whether to turn left or right. The sensors are app-enabled, connecting to a phone's GPS system, tracking and responding to obstacles more effectively than other tools on the market.