Set Phasers to Sun with The Star Trek: TNG Swimsuits

 - Apr 21, 2017
References: thinkgeek
Ever since its inception in the early 1960s, Star Trek has captured droves of fans, many of whom opt to dress up as their favorite characters, and the new Star Trek: TNG Swimsuits from ThinkGeek let true Trekkies bring their fandom with them to the sunny beaches of Risa (or any beach here on Earth, too.) The one-piece swimsuits are designed to resemble the iconic uniforms from the Star Trek franchise, complete with combadge and rank pips.

The Star Trek: TNG Swimsuits from ThinkGeek come in three colors: red, blue, and gold. As fans know, these colors correspond to positions on the show (blue for sciences, gold for operations, and red for command.) The pips on the swimsuits are perfectly detailed as well, which each suit ranked differently (red is captain, blue is commander, and gold is lieutenant commander.)