This Ride Speeds Up or Slows Down Based on How Frightened You Are

 - Jun 23, 2017
References: designboom & mashable
The neurotransmitter 3000 is a fear-controlled roller coaster designed by Daniel de Bruin. The attraction freely swings 360 degrees, but its speed is dependent on how frightened the rider is. Using sensors that gather biometric data in real time, this roller coaster will speed up is the rider is calm, and slow down when the rider becomes increasingly nervous.This data is obtained via sensors placed on the rider that measure heart rate, body temperature, orientation, gravity and muscle tension.

At full speed, the ride will do a full rotation every second, but comes equipped with a manual break, should it become too nauseating. This seven-meter high installation is a product of De Bruin's desire to become what he creates, and embodies a fusion between technology, the body and entertainment.

Photo Credits: mashable, designboom