From Diverse Male Dolls to 3D-Printed Fidget Spinners

 - Jul 29, 2017
Developmentally speaking, toys are training tools that help children to learn the immense range of skills ultimately necessary for coping with adult life, which means that even the most seemingly frivolous of the July 2017 toys trends has incalculable value. Whether technological, informative, or mechanical, the newest toys all give children some sort of takeaway.

In case someone happens to be living in a deep underground chasm, fidget spinners have spun up a furor among kids and adults alike, and many toy companies are seizing on the fad. Fidgetbase is a software company selling a file that allows users to 3D print their own version of the spinning toy, and other companies are looking to strike the next fidgeting gold mine — the makers of the Mokuru are one such example.