The New Affenberg Salem Gift Shop Was Designed by Konrad Knoblauch

 - Jun 15, 2017
Affenberg Salem is a wildlife park located outside of Salem, Germany, that recently opened a vibrant new gift shop. Designed by Konrad Knoblauch, the gift shop caps off an experience that allows visitors to view approximately 200 Barbary macaques as they roam freely around 200 acres of forest.

The fifth busiest tourist attraction in Germany, Affenberg Salem is also the largest monkey reserve in Germany. The new souvenir shop at Affenberg Salem is likely to entice even those who have grown tired of the gift shop experience, based on the space being both vibrant and boasting a design-led simple sophistication. A variety of stuffed animals, including cuddly versions of the Barbary macaques themselves and other local wilfelife, are available for purchases on gradient, geometric green "mountains."