The Chameleon is a Family Game That Encourages Blending In

 - Jun 9, 2017
References: bigpotato & toyworldmag
True to its name, The Chameleon is a family-friendly game of social deduction that challenges players to do their best to bluff and blend in.

Using Code Cards and playing dice, all players—except The Chameleon—are given a secret word. While the one left out of the know must make it look as if they are on the same level as the other players, the other players are also challenged to use one-word answers that also don't look to vague, without giving up the real secret word. Throughout the game of deduction, players are challenged to discover the identity of The Chameleon, while this player hides their role to the best of their ability.

Recently, The Chameleon from Big Potato was awarded Best Party Game at the UK Games Expo.