The Sesqui Dome is Touring Canada to Celebrate the Sesquicentennial

 - Jun 21, 2017
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Unless they're living under the Canadian Shield, virtually every canuck knows that this summer is the 150th anniversary of the country's confederation, and the Sesqui dome is one of the many projects around Canada helping to celebrate that national milestone. The Sesqui dome, which is short for sesquicentennial, is a media experience that gives viewers a deeply immersive picture of the vast land that is Canada.

Sesqui brands itself as "a revolutionary 360 degree cinematic experience." It projects virtual reality storytelling all around the walls of a massive dome, so those sitting inside can look in any direction to see a different aspect of the story. For Canada 150, the dome will take viewers on a journey into the heart of Canada.

The Sesqui dome will be travelling through towns all across Ontario this summer.