The 'GEKO' Safety Whistle Sends Alerts to Emergency Contacts When Used

 - Jan 24, 2017
References: mygekogear & thegadgetflow
The 'GEKO' smart safety whistle is a new piece of technology that will help to make solo endeavors that much safer thanks to a design that connects users to their smartphone for emergency purposes.

The 'GEKO' whistle features Bluetooth and GPS technology that work together to alert designated contacts of a problem if they whistle is used. This works whether the whistle is blown or the built-in panic button is pressed for two-seconds. This activation will send a text, call or email to the set contacts with your GPS location and will send an update every three minutes to ensure the user is easily trackable.

The 'GEKO' smart safety whistle comes in several color options and has a slim, discreet design that can be carried virtually anywhere and utilized when need be.