This Kombucha Kit Allows Consumer to Make the Fermented Beverage at Home

 - Nov 10, 2017
References: thedieline
The Kombucha shop is offering a DIY kombucha kit, and it enlisted the creative agency Studio MPLS to design the packaging for the kit.

The kombucha kit is both sophisticated and playful in appearance, and comes in a cardboard box with simple instructional graphics on it. Within the box is a series of bottles and various other tools, all of which are required to make high quality kombucha beverages at home. The flavors of the teas themselves include an Original Kombucha, a Raspberry Kombucha, a Sencha Kombucha and a Mint Kombucha.

In order to make these flavourful and nutritious fermented teas, consumers need only to follow the simple instructions that come within the vibrant vibrant kombucha packaging.