The 'Alien: Isolation' VR Mode is Compatible with Oculus SDK and Rift Headsets

 - Aug 2, 2017
References: digitaltrends & arstechnica
While the 'Alien: Isolation VR Mode' has been available since its release in 2014, the technology to produce a high-quality VR experience hadn't caught up with the game at the time.

Fast-forward to 2017 and modder Zack "Nibre" Fannon has upgraded the game's VR experience to be clearer than ever and compatible with the 'Oculus SDK' and 'Rift' headsets. From this development, it is easier than ever to experience a high-quality VR horror game. Fannon's mode is called 'MotherVR' and is available through his 'GitHub' page.

While Fannon currently has allowed the Alien: Isolation VR mode upgrade to be available online for free, he has set up a PayPal account and is accepting donations should fans truly love what he has done with the game. Moving forward, Fannon is looking to remove forced head movements from the game and awkward body positioning to make the upgrade as realistic as possible.