These Thirsty Buddha Popsicles Use the Brand's Watermelon Coconut Water

This simple Thirsty Buddha Popsicle recipe only requires three ingredients: one lime, one-quarter cup of agave syrup and three cups of the brand's natural coconut water with watermelon. Once the ingredients have been combined in a blender, the mixture can be poured into popsicle molds and left to freeze for approximately 8 hours before enjoying!

The delicious recipe, perfect for cooling down in the summer heat, features Buddha Brands Company's Watermelon Coconut Water, one of several flavored versions of the brand's popular canned beverages. The 'Wondrous Coconut Water Watermelon Popsicles' recipe is one of many featured on the Buddha Brands Company's community-driven 'Recipe Centre' portion of its website.

The Buddha Brands Company divides its products into two categories; Thirsty Buddha, its range of coconut waters, and Hungry Buddha, a selection of flavored coconut chips. Additionally, the brand launched a sparkling coconut water product available in pineapple, natural and watermelon flavors.