Artist Sheena Liam Creates Self-Portraits Using 3-D Embroidery

 - May 25, 2017
References: instagram & teenvogue
Sheena Liam works as an international model by day, who makes embroidered self-portraits in her spare time.

The way she portrays her hair is the most striking aspect of her work; as long, three dimensional braids or waves coming out of the fabric. This causes a disruption in the format as part of the work is displayed in two dimensions and her hair is multi-dimensional and not bound to the space like the rest of the image.

She has been posting images of her work on an Instagram account since April and fans have been flocking to the page, many looking to purchase her work. As of now, there is no outlet to purchase her work and no promise for one in the future. Instead, fans of Sheena Liam's work can admire it through their screens for the time being.