From Inclusive Hair Commercials to Exfoliating Scalp Treatments

 - Jun 24, 2017
June 2017 hair trends reveal more inclusive products and campaigns, as well as products that are focused on the health of the scalp.

Pantene's Gold Series collection is targeted towards the hair care needs of Black women, and its accompanying commercial celebrates their hair, its diversity, and its beauty. The campaign is especially noteworthy given the North American beauty industry's longstanding tradition of ignoring the needs and preferences of women of color, instead often choosing to cater to much more narrow beauty norms that most women do not fit into.

Another trend that can be observed this month is the increased focus on the scalp, rather than the hair itself, for hair-focused products. A healthy scalp can make a huge difference in hair's texture and appearance, and products like Briogeo's exfoliating scalp treatment and ReFa Grace Head Spea's scalp massager are catering to this fact.