BentukBentuk Creates Feminine Concrete Products

Malaysian homewear brand BentukBentuk is known for its collection of colored concrete vases.

BentukBentuk makes delicate-looking vases, coasters, trays and other decor items. Each piece in its collection of colored concrete vases feels strong yet feminine. BentukBentuk isn't afraid to experiment with color or texture and because of this, the brand has gained popularity in the west. The husband and wife duo behind BentukBentuk hope to change the perception of concrete as a cold and rigid material.

Concrete homewear items have been popular in recent years. Consumers have been drawn to the juxtaposition of rigid concrete against feminine forms. The look has followed as an extension of the marble homewear aesthetic popular with Millennial consumers. In the same way marble has gone beyond functioning just as a material for countertops or flooring, concrete has moved past being a construction material.