The Plott 'Cubit' Tape Measure Offers Advanced Features for DIYers

 - Jul 27, 2017
References: indiegogo & letsplott
It's important to perform proper measuring before even lifting a hammer or tool to make the first strike, so the Plott 'Cubit' Tape Measure is engineered to provide a more precise way to do so. Working to provide measurements for items that are straight or that deviate with a different dimension, the device does away with the traditional tape found in measurement devices. In place of this the device incorporates lasers that will provide exact readings for DIY jobs of all kinds without having to limit what's possible with other tools.

The Plott 'Cubit' Tape Measure boasts Bluetooth connectivity to let users record the readings taken in order to compare measurements or even create augmented reality views of the space before you even start the work.