Trixie's 'natura Wooden Cattery' is a Safe, Entertaining Outdoor Space

 - May 18, 2017
Indoor cats are not often given the same freedom to enjoy the great outdoors as dogs, but this cat enclosure gives pet owners a place to safely house their cats outdoors for a period of time.

Trixie's 'natura Wooden Cattery' boasts an easy-to-assemble weatherproof wooden frame that sits lightly on the ground without destroying the surfaces underneath. The two-storey enclosure features a ramp and plenty of climbing spaces, plus openings and closures for cats to enter and exit the space if permitted. The enclosure also has a large main door, which makes it easy for pet owners to enter the protected space as needed for cleaning or to retrieve their pets.

In case of rain or wind, the design also features several protective areas that will shelter cats from unfavorable conditions.