The ViviPet Cat Dining Table Offers a Comfortable Spot for Feline Meals

 - Nov 5, 2017
References: thegreenhead
The ViviPet Cat Dining Table is designed to offer a stylistic way for pet owners to care for their feline companions that is simple, charming and even infused with greenery.

Boasting a planter box that can be used to plant cat grass for felines to nibble on, the dining set boasts a lowered design that allows for more ergonomic access to food. The unit features two bowls for food and water respectively, and comes as a stylistic way to keep pet accessories in plain sight without having to feel as though they completely throw off the aesthetic of your home.

The ViviPet Cat Dining Table also features bowls that will reduce whisker fatigue to keep your furry friend as happy as possible at all times.