The Tabcat Makes Sure That Cat's Don't Get Lost Outdoors

 - May 16, 2017
References: mytabcat
Tabcat is a useful cat tracker that ensures that pet owners feel comfortable allowing their animals to roam free outdoors.

The device has two practical functions, the first being that it allows cat owners to locate their pets both within the home and up to 400 meters outside of it, and the second is that it can train cats to come home when the owner would like them to. Each handheld Tabcat device can track up to four animals with its accompanying tags, and indicates using lights whether owners are walking in the right direction when searching for their pets. Users of the device have also reported that when they turn the "locate" setting on, their cats often come back on their own as the beeping signals to them it is time to come home. This training can be enhanced if pet owners associate the beeping with their cats coming home and receiving treats.

The Tabcat is ideal for pet owners with outdoor cats who may be concerned about their safety, as it is often recommended that homeowners do not let their pets roam outside for too long.