The Dog Wash Allows Pet Owners to Bathe Their Dogs Outdoors

 - May 16, 2017
References: hammacher
The Dog Wash is an inflatable shower that allows people to wash their pets in the outdoors, in lieu of making a mess inside the home.

When not in use, the Dog Wash takes up very little space, and when pet owners require it, it takes only five minutes to inflate and set up. It comes with a handheld shower head attached to a hose, which has seven different levels of water pressure that range from a light mist to a strong stream. This ensures that the water is able to penetrate fur that is extremely thick, or that may be excessively dirty. It also has a drain that ensures that the used water leaks out instead of filling up the inflatable shower.

The Dog Wash is ideal for pet owners who would like to keep both their animals and the interior of their houses clean, particularly in the summer months.