The 'Mr.PAW' Dog Grooming Products are Minimalistic and Natural

Creating an easily identifiable identity for the brand, the 'Mr.PAW' dog grooming product branding is the design work of Mildred & Duck, and focuses on a notion of aesthetic cleanliness.

Pet culture sees many consumers looking to treat their furry friends as full-fledged members of their household and lifestyle. This has created the need for high-end products and solutions that are design-conscious and that tap into consumer preferences for premium goods.

The 'Mr.PAW' dog grooming products are created using natural ingredients that are locally manufactured into the product seen here. The simple branding approach enables the 'Mr.PAW' product to be easily mistaken for a high-end cosmetic; the dog shampoos feature a monochromatic packaging aesthetic that satisfies the growing need for premium pet goods.